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Save The Corals - Marine Art (80x80cm, Textured)

This article is my impressionist take on the coral reefs and the beautiful sea creatures around them. "Save the Coral" is one of the most colourful paintings that I have painted.


The artwork enjoys a mixed technique of rough palette knife and watercolour. It is textured and will be shipped ready to hang (shipment fees included).


This article was picked by Singulart curators to be part of their concept interior design Get The Look! The Hoxton Hotel. Learn more here.


All the proceeds of this article will be donated to Marine Savers (


What is the importance of coral reefs?

Coral reefs protect coastlines from the damaging effects of wave action and tropical storms, provide habitats and shelter for many marine organisms. They are the source of nitrogen and other essential nutrients for marine food chains, and they assist in carbon and nitrogen-fixing.


Modern, contemporary.


Fine Art, original, authentic, and personally signed by Koorosh Nejad. Created using acrylic on stretched canvas, a clear, matt coating protects your cherished fine art investment from UV light, moisture, and dust. The painting will be signed by Koorosh Nejad in a very small area on the front corner and on the back of the painting, along with the date.


Please contact me directly if you wish to buy this work in a customized size or to commission your choice of a tall sailing ship.


Koorosh Nejad


DELIVERY TIME: This article is Ready to Ship and ready to hang.
Replicates: Please note that I will create this painting once you purchase it, please allow me at least 1-2 weeks to create and get it ready for shipment. It will be as close as possible to the one you see here however, i