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Ancient Mayans

“Dying is easy, beloved. It is living that is difficult. The secret is to live fully, to embrace every instant of existence, beautiful and ugly, blissful and painful. And remember to dance between the worlds, for that is your heritage as a child of the infinite Oneness.”
― Mayan Wisdom


'The Sun' features ancient symbols from Mayan, Aztecs, and a few other Central American cultures. This design features the Mayan calendars (embedded at the center), surrounded by k'u k'ul (sacred god), hun, ink, chun, ahaw, and many more Mayan symbols and alphabets.

Title: The Sun

Dimensions: 100x70cm (40" by 28")

Media: Acrylic on Canvas

Technique:  Mixed techniques

ancient mayans art of symbols by koorosh

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  • How can I purchase this painting? Please contact us to check for availability.

  • Can this design be created in different dimensions? Yes, please get in touch with me for a customized painting based on this design.

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