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Armada - Large format Marine Art (140x106 cm)

Armada is my modern impressionist take of HMS Victory, HMS Temeraire and HMS Neptune leading either column towards the combined fleet, off Cape Trafalgar, 21st October 1805. The article is painted in green and purple to give a modern feel to the historic moment. Pigment and rough strikes of a palet knife were used to create this large painting.


Style modern, contemporary.


ORIGINALFine Art, original, authentic, and personally signed by Koorosh Nejad. Created using acrylic on stretched canvas, a clear, matt coating protects your cherished fine art investment from UV light, moisture, and dust. The painting will be signed by Koorosh Nejad in a very small area on the front corner and on the back of the painting, along with the date.


CustomizationPlease contact me directly if you wish to buy this work in a customized size or to commission your choice of a tall sailing ship.



Koorosh Nejad