Infinity - Ancient Greece | Extra Large Print on Canvas 55x40 inches (140x100cm)

'The Infinity' features an embedded sign of infinity right in the middle of the design. Other Greek symbols used in the design are symbols of Zeus, Hades, Artemis, Poseidon (the god of the sea, earthquake, flood, and horses), Hydra (a water monster), Hades (the god of the dead and the king of the underworld), Aphrodite-Venus (the god of love, beauty, passion, and fertility), and Omega (the god of war). Several Greek alphabets are also used in the design including zeta, alfa, and gamma.

The Infinity can be created in a larger size if you wish to. The artwork could decorate your sitting room, living room, dining room, library, or corridors. It can well sit on a wall with white, shades of grey, or any darker tone colour.


"Happiness resides not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in

the soul." — Democritus, lived circa 400 BCE in Greece.


Expressionist, modern, contemporary, large canvas.


High-Quality Print on Canvas
This is a high-quality acrylic print on museum-class canvas from original art by Koorosh Nejad. A clear, matt coating protects your cherished fine art investment from UV light, moisture, and dust. Please note that some of the colors of the artwork may be slightly different than the pictures presented here, however, the overall theme and style will be the same.


Please contact me directly if you wish to buy this work in a customized size.


Koorosh Nejad


Your canvas will be printed by our trusted professional print shop with the highest craftsmanship and will be ready for shipment within 1-2 weeks.


We only use fine-quality materials for our print on canvas.


Canvas: Canvas will be shipped rolled inside a tube. I won't be able to ship stretched painting on the frame due to oversized, expensive shipping. The canvas will be rolled in a tube, as my customer prefers it so that they can get it stretched in their local framing store. You will save unnecessary shipment costs, and the risk of accidental damage to the painting will be eliminated.


Your satisfaction is important to me, and I wish to work with you to resolve any issues if you are not fully satisfied with the artwork you receive, please contact me immediately.


CUSTOMER SUPPORT (size, shade, etc.)
Please feel free to send me inquiries about this artwork before or after placing your order.

* Handmade oil acrylic painting
* Certification of Authenticity attached


Copyright Notice:
Koorosh Nejad holds exclusive rights over this and all his artworks.
The sale of original artwork does not include the sale of copyright. All rights reserved.

Infinity - Ancient Greece | Extra Large Print on Canvas 55x40 inches (140x100cm)

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    Duplicates and alterations

    If you love this item but the original one is sold you could contact us to commission a duplicate of this painting. The duplicate will use the same theme and will be very similar to this work but it will certainly have its own unique features. 

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