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Koorosh Nejad
Art of Symbols

Art of Symbols is a fashion in illustrating cultures in their symbols. Koorosh's art demonstrates the fear, love, greed, and passion of cultures in modern abstract. (more...).

Art of Symbols

ancient greek- art of symbols by koorosh

New: The Storm


Symbols on Fire

A unique set of high-quality prints on canvas of the Art of Symbols in colour. Your copy will be made by my local partner in the UK at the museum-grade quality canvas and it can be shipped worldwide.


See the collection here

Marine Art

Ever since its inception, sailing has been linked to a sense of freedom and drive for adventure. For many centuries, sailors were considered to be bold and courageous men willing to risk their lives for fortune and honor.

Since the beginning of 2021, I have built a special interest in this field and you will see more artwork and paintings of tall ships, sailing ships, boats, and maritime (more...).

Koorosh Nejad

RRoot is my reflection on mythology, symbols, signs, characters, and other cultural elements. I research a particular culture first, then pick those elements I wish to use in the artwork, embed a dominant shape in the middle, add my own spin that is mainly inspired by cubism, do the details, and then complete the painting (more...).

koorosh nejad - abstract artist.jpg

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